Reaping the Rain

There is rain all over the place, at least where I live!!

This season is a drastic change from the hot summer . I think it’s a little hard for me to change that fast. But I’m trying to do my best.

It is said that the water we get to use is always consumed by some or the other entity. By that I mean , the water cycle is a perfect balance of nature. Water gets circulated through the water cycle . Each component in the cycle adds up it’s touch and the water never remains the same. But let’s focus on the part of the cycle when the water in the clouds start drooping i.e Raining.

It’s crazy and awesome at the same time. It always rains in particular regions only. Draught prone zones never get rainfall that often. Its like these clouds are trained to rain. They know exactly when and where to rain. Power and balance of nature always amazes me for some reason.

But there is something in this season that makes me happy. Rainy season has a benefit. No matter how much you cry people cannot make out that you are crying!! Yeah I read this in some cheesy novel. But I’m always happy in this season. I can never find a reason to cry during rainy days. Just look around man. Everything just turns so green in no time. Its like mother nature is showering itself. And science says green color calms down humans. So its SCIENCE + BEAUTY. It feels so awesome when you feel cool after the sun has tortured you the whole summer.